Sunday, August 23, 2009

FanArt: Blackbird Theatre Company

Whilst weekending in the White City, I had a chance to see Blackbird Theatre Company's "The Tragedy of Jennifer, Brad and Angelina, as Performed by the Members of Blackbeard Theatre in their Last Production Due to the Recession," and it's fantastic! Below's a drawing inspired by everyone's favorite "Angelina in Africa" scene. If you're in Chicago before Labor Day, I highly recommend. Check our their website for more info here.


Theatre Beat said...

This is delightful, delicious and delovely. I am sharing the link everywhere!

heather said...

You did an amazing job capturing the essence of this scene! Your rendition of Angelina makes my heart skip.

Jack said...

Thats for the links..That picture is simply superb...[..]

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